Romania is not a very typical destination…

Coming from Budapest, I started my journey in Cluj Napoca, city famous for its Medecine University and its Erasmus students. Very modern city, Cluj Naponaco is a tiny bit more expensive than the rest of the country.


Eroilor Neamului


Vue of the city from Eroilor Neamului


Orthodoxe Cathedral


Botanical Gardens

Then I went to Sighisoara and Sibiu, very small but charming villages.


Scara Acoperita – Sighisoara

I decided to continue my journey in Transylvania by going to Brasov. Beautiful city surrounded by mountains.


Vue of Brasov from Mont Tampa


Narrow street of Brasov

Thanks to a 30 minutes ride by bus from Brasov, you can reach Bran Castle, the famous Dracula Castle. This castle is full of tourists and is not worth it according to me. The only good thing is its surroundings.


Vue of the forest from Bran Castle

I ended my trip in Bucharest. The Palace is a must see as well as its modern art museum. The little Paris as some people call this city is becoming the new Budapest. The number of trendy bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs is rapidly increasing !


Palatul Parlamentului built by Ceauscu

If you are interested in visiting countries not so many people tend to go to, I recommend you to visit Romania ! And like this creepy baby, Romanian people will welcome you with wide open arms !



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